Can the Department of Defense realize the full power of social media?

Oct 05

Nielsen reported recently that social networks and blogsites now account for more than 22 percent of Americans’ time spent online, more than twice than that of online gaming.  To put that in perspective, Nielsen lists 75 categories as “other,” which combined accounts for only 35 percent of Americans’ time online. Read the full report here:

The enormous communications power of this medium is indisputable.  So what does this mean for an organization like Department of Defense (DoD) and the individual military services?

Clearly social networking provides enormous potential for increasing awareness of the military’s core activities, for recruiting, for informing Servicemembers, Veterans, and the general public quickly and efficiently on benefits, programs, and services.  But there are obvious downsides as well.  How transparent can or should DoD be?  Where do you draw the line between security requirements and the desire for Servicemembers to be active online ambassadors?  Is this a matter of education, technology, or some combination?

Ogilvy is excited to host a panel of social media experts from the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss this topic.  You can watch it live via our Facebook page starting at 9:00 am on Thursday, October 6.

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