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Patient Autonomy: Good or Bad?

Jul 16

Yesterday, Ogilvy held a really interesting panel discussion called “How Social Change happens in the 21st Century.” (Natalie posted a nice synopsis about it here). We covered a variety of topics regarding healthy behavior change, and discussed appropriate and effective channels of communication to reach audiences that are already bombarded with thousands of messages every […]

Calling Me On It

Jul 16

Much is written about patient-provider interactions and how they can be improved.  As I learned this week, there is an elegant solution to what is doubtless a common concern among health care providers: is the patient telling the truth, no matter how inconvenient? The truth: I snore.  In fact, my snoring is loud and legendary—famed […]

Ogilvy Hosts July 15 Panel Discussion: “How Social Change Happens in the 21st Century”

Jul 12

On Thursday, July 15 from 8-10 am, Ogilvy’s Social Marketing Group will host a panel discussion titled, “How Social Change Happens in the 21st Century.” The event will be held at Ogilvy’s office in Washington, DC (1111 19th Street, NW, 10th Floor). Social change happens across multiple levels—among individuals and their networks, within social and […]

I Am Not Alone…and Other Things I Learned at the PR News Media Relations Forum

Jun 29

From left: Lynn Sweet, Howard Arenstein, Doug Stanlin I’m clearly a geek, but I’m going to proudly say it: it’s an exciting time to be in media relations. I started my career in media a decade ago and as the field has changed, the practice of getting key messages in front of target audiences via […]

The Hero’s Journey

Jun 16

Today is Bloomsday—the day (June 16, 1904) on which James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place. It’s one of my all-time favorite novels, and as I ruminate on it I realize that it also holds several key lessons for social marketers: — Change is a journey, one that is often fraught with peril and delay. Even when […]

Evidence-Based Social Marketing: Desirable or Not?

Jun 09

In public health, the term “evidence-based” is often used to qualify an intervention as valuable and worthwhile, and with good reason.  When it comes to health, looking for evidence that an approach has been proven to work in the past is understandably desired—especially with regards to a treatment plan or research design. But does “evidence-based” […]

Through the Shadows

Jun 04

Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow […] Between the conception And the creation Between the emotion And the response Falls the Shadow […] — T.S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men” Which is hardly news to anyone who has tried to change behavior, whether theirs or someone else’s. […]

How Social Change Happens in the 21st Century

Jun 03

I am excited to report that on July 15, Ogilvy’s Social Marketing Group will be hosting an important and timely panel discussion entitled, “How Social Change Happens in the 21st Century.”  Social change happens across multiple levels – among individuals and their networks, within social and economic environments, and through social policy.  Our panel will explore […]

I want someone to do my exercise for me, is there an app for that?

May 21

Well, not really.  But mobile technology is emerging as a powerful tool to help people adopt healthy behaviors.  Researchers and developers are looking into ways that mobile technology can be used in a variety of ways—to encourage physical activity in teenagers , to help combat obesity, or to provide pregnant women and new moms with […]

Addressing Multiple Concurrent Chronic Conditions

May 20

In my experience working in Social Marketing at Ogilvy, we address chronic conditions on a daily basis—heart disease, kidney disease, cancer—and work to reach our target audiences to educate them on preventative measures, to better the public health of America. Yesterday, I had the privilege of seeing chronic conditions through a new lens.  The 2010 […]