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QR Code Best Practices for Gov 2.0

Apr 12

This post was originally posted to Ogilvy PR’s 360 Digital Influence’s Fresh Influence blog. In recent weeks, many of our government clients have been asking if they should incorporate QR codes into their educational materials. This is great news as QR codes can be an excellent tool for connect citizens to government services and educational […]

Follow the @wsmconference action on Twitter!

Apr 09

Plug adapter–check! Snacks for the transAtlantic flight–check! Program for the World Social Marketing Conference downloaded to my laptop–check! In just a few hours I’ll be joining my colleagues in Dublin for the 2nd World Social Marketing Conference. My colleagues have been posting about the great sessions we want to attend and the presentations that Ogilvy […]

Ready to Share and Learn @wsmconference

Apr 06

Well, our bags are getting packed and we’re almost ready to go. Ogilvy’s social marketing practice is buzzing with preparations for the 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference set to begin in Dublin this weekend. It’s not rare to find our folks within the Social Marketing team discussing our latest ideas for engaging parents […]

Engage! Empower! Inspire!

Mar 10

The 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference is just one month from tomorrow in Dublin, Ireland. Following the hugely successful first World Conference in Brighton, UK in 2008, the 2nd World conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing , and behavior change methodology to solve key social challenges. In bringing […]

South By SouthWest – Health Track Preview

Mar 08

Headed to South by SouthWest this week? Check out Medical Monday over on Ogilvy’s Fresh Influence blog for a preview of the health track at South by SouthWest this week.  These are a few of my favorites: Health: Is There Really an App for That? Apps for Healthy Kids: Government Challenges FTW Mobile Health in […]

TV News Can Kill You – Film at 11

Feb 09

February is a sweeps month – that’s the time that Nielsen passes out ratings diaries and asks “Nielsen Families” to record what they watch on TV. They do it four months a year (May, July and November are the other months) and despite new, high tech ways of counting eyeballs in front of the screen […]

2011 Social Marketing Events

Dec 20

Well, the new year is almost upon us, and what better way to start than filling up your calendar with conferences and events on social marketing and related topics? Alexandra Bornkessel has a great list over at SocialButterfly that I found through Twitter today. A few events that piqued my interest: March Innogive: Mobile Giving […]

Journalists Dish on Media Relations Practices

Dec 01

As a former print journalist, I remember two of my biggest pet peeves were receiving information from public relations professionals that was not appropriate for our audience and submitted way past our publication deadline. These annoyances soon became the driving force behind my transition from journalism into public relations. Now that I’m working on the […]

NBC’s Green Week!

Nov 15

Did you watch NBC’s “TODAY” this morning? Like every other morning, I did! And after much anticipation, I was so pleased to see their new green-themed “The More You Know” PSAs, which encourage viewers to adopt sustainable habits. The PSAs are ingredients of NBC Universal’s annual Green Week, November 14-21, and part of NBC’s ongoing […]

Best Practices for Federal Government Challenges and Contests

Nov 09

As the Federal Government increases its use of challenges and contests to engage citizens in problem solving, Federal employees and contractors are seeking guidance on best practices. A briefing I attended yesterday, hosted by the Ad Council, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), and Google, brought together a stellar panel to discuss the topic. The […]