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Engage! Empower! Inspire!

Mar 10

The 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference is just one month from tomorrow in Dublin, Ireland. Following the hugely successful first World Conference in Brighton, UK in 2008, the 2nd World conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing , and behavior change methodology to solve key social challenges. In bringing […]

Walking the walk…

Feb 24

Last week we got a group of volunteers from Ogilvy to help WAMU 88.5 Public Radio with its membership drive. Rob Mathias, our managing director,  made sure we looked sharp in our Ogilvy Red T-Shirts and we were a fun and enthusiastic group. WAMU raised $20,000 over two hours and really appreciated our support. Here’s […]

Exciting Social Marketing Career Opportunities at Ogilvy

Feb 01

Ogilvy Washington, headquarters to Ogilvy’s flagship Social Marketing Practice, is looking for social marketing experts at all levels.  For more information, visit

Fear Tactics – Appeal to Reason or Fear?

Jan 12

When you want to convince someone to change a behavior, do you appeal to their sense of reason or to their fear? A recent Public Service Announcement by the New York City Health and Mental Hygiene Department says it’s time to scare young African American and Hispanic men about HIV/AIDS. Titled It’s Never Just HIV, […]

Ogilvy Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk This Holiday Season

Dec 17

According to noted authority Jeff French’s tips for developing and implementing effective social marketing programs, Ogilvy’s Washington office has organized and conducted a pitch perfect social marketing initiative in recent weeks.  Among other characteristics, the effort: -Actively engaged individuals and communities (that included competing internal staff teams, as well as other Washington, D.C.-based global public […]