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Health Education Saving Health Care Dollars

Jun 22

A friend of mine, Joanna Smiley, writes for the Hartford Business Journal, and she recently wrote a fascinating article discussing naturopathy. Her interviews with Dr. Marina Franzoni-Acosta and Dr. Stacey Munro, both naturopathic physicians, revealed that many of insurance companies are unwilling to pay for the amount of time necessary to fully help their patients. […]

Evidence-Based Social Marketing: Desirable or Not?

Jun 09

In public health, the term “evidence-based” is often used to qualify an intervention as valuable and worthwhile, and with good reason.  When it comes to health, looking for evidence that an approach has been proven to work in the past is understandably desired—especially with regards to a treatment plan or research design. But does “evidence-based” […]

Hispanics and Health Care Information: English or Spanish?

May 26

Well, unfortunately there is no simple answer to this very popular question.  But a new research report conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Research Fund titled Hispanics and Health Care in the United States: Access, Information and Knowledge, sheds some light by addressing the Hispanic population health information needs.  The […]

The Value of Personal Experience with the First “P”

May 26

I had my first screening mammogram today.   I was nervous about it, as most women are.  But, it turned out to be a piece of cake.  Really!  Afterwards, I found myself reflecting on the experience from a professional angle, and specifically on how interesting it was to have had a mammogram after working for years […]

Addressing Multiple Concurrent Chronic Conditions

May 20

In my experience working in Social Marketing at Ogilvy, we address chronic conditions on a daily basis—heart disease, kidney disease, cancer—and work to reach our target audiences to educate them on preventative measures, to better the public health of America. Yesterday, I had the privilege of seeing chronic conditions through a new lens.  The 2010 […]

Smokefree Women

May 12

The National Cancer Institute’s Smokefree Women initiative launched an interesting project this week.  It’s called “Celebrating Smokefree Voices,” and it’s a YouTube video contest, to capture women’s quitting experiences and reasons for quitting smoking, as well as to motivate friends and family members to encourage a woman they love to quit. There are three things, […]