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Food, Glorious Food

Feb 02

I like food. Ok, I love food. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “foodie” maybe more of a “food geek.” Because of that, I think I tend to be more immersed and interested in food issues—healthy school lunches, organic vs. not, herbivore vs. carnivore vs. omnivore, and yes, which food truck is the best in […]

Help Celebrate Social Marketing’s Anniversary – What Are Your Favorite Social Marketing Campaigns?

Jan 25

Yesterday I shared my excitement for celebrating social marketing’s upcoming anniversary by presenting #3 on my personal list of top three favorite social marketing campaigns. Today, I want to share with you my top two. Do these campaigns hold a spot in your top three? #2.  Don’t Drink Yourself Fat, 2009-Present, New York Department of […]

Fear Tactics – Appeal to Reason or Fear?

Jan 12

When you want to convince someone to change a behavior, do you appeal to their sense of reason or to their fear? A recent Public Service Announcement by the New York City Health and Mental Hygiene Department says it’s time to scare young African American and Hispanic men about HIV/AIDS. Titled It’s Never Just HIV, […]

Smokers in England Encouraged to Quit for the New Year

Jan 10

It’s a new year, a time when people decide to leave behind unhealthy habits and to make positive changes in their lives. For people in England who want to quit smoking, there’s help. Smokers on the National Health Service (NHS), England’s publicly funded healthcare system, can pick up a free Quit Kit at pharmacies across […]

Did You Learn A Lot From a Dummy?

Jan 07

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the results of a 2008 survey which found that that seat belt use has reached 85% among U.S. adults.  Only 11% wore them in 1982, which was prior to the first state law requiring seat belt use. Additional research released by CDC showed that […]

Health Care Changes for 2011

Jan 05

My mother doesn’t have health insurance and I’m worried. She is the director for a small daycare back home in North Carolina and unfortunately her employer cannot afford to provide health care coverage for its employees.  I, like so many Americans, have my eyes and ears glued to the news to hear the latest updates […]

exCHANGE Review: When It Comes to Social Media, Is Everyone a Potential Partner?

Nov 19

Every few decades, a new communications channel emerges and presents a novel way for us to reach and engage potential partners, and create meaningful change in the lives of our target audiences. On November 16, Ogilvy Washington co-hosted a Social Marketing exCHANGE in conjunction with the Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) at Georgetown University, […]

San Francisco Tackles Childhood Obesity

Nov 12

In early October I drove home to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, to visit my mom, my sister Teresa and my 11-month-old nephew, Noah Allyn. The week before my scheduled trip my sister said something that blew me away. At 11 months, Noah loves McDonald’s Happy Meals. He’s particularly fond of the chicken nuggets, apples and […]

Disney is Becoming Quite a Nudge… And Why I Love It

Nov 11

I recently had the pleasure of spending nearly a week at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida with my family.  With the major decisions of each day being which theme park to visit, which attraction to head for first, and how to strategically select THE ride to use our precious “Fast Pass” chits on, […]

A New Congress Means New Urgency for Global Health Advocacy

Nov 06

Over the past decade, three landmark pieces of legislation have made the United States a respected world leader in the fight against poverty and disease in the developing world. As former U.S. Congressman and Ambassador Mark Green recently noted, however, the broad, bipartisan coalition that forged the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the Millennium Challenge Act (MCA), and the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) has largely vanished in the wake of three tumultuous election cycles going back to 2006. In this context, a renewed focus on educating new Members of Congress about the value of investing in global health will be absolutely essential over the next several months.