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Hispanics and Health Care Information: English or Spanish?

May 26

Well, unfortunately there is no simple answer to this very popular question.  But a new research report conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Research Fund titled Hispanics and Health Care in the United States: Access, Information and Knowledge, sheds some light by addressing the Hispanic population health information needs.  The […]

Addressing Multiple Concurrent Chronic Conditions

May 20

In my experience working in Social Marketing at Ogilvy, we address chronic conditions on a daily basis—heart disease, kidney disease, cancer—and work to reach our target audiences to educate them on preventative measures, to better the public health of America. Yesterday, I had the privilege of seeing chronic conditions through a new lens.  The 2010 […]

If You Strap a Tiny Camcorder Onto Someone’s Forehead…

May 18

I recently came across an old Financial Times review for a book about a man who – curious to see the world from his two-year-old daughter’s perspective – strapped a tiny camcorder to her forehead and let her roam free, chronicling the business of being a toddler. Watching her footage after several days, the author […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: From Shareholder Value to Stakeholder Responsibility?

May 17

Review of The Economist’s recent article on stakeholder responsibility and the strategic merits of mapping out the social impact of the value chain.