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QR Code Best Practices for Gov 2.0

Apr 12

This post was originally posted to Ogilvy PR’s 360 Digital Influence’s Fresh Influence blog. In recent weeks, many of our government clients have been asking if they should incorporate QR codes into their educational materials. This is great news as QR codes can be an excellent tool for connect citizens to government services and educational […]

Follow the @wsmconference action on Twitter!

Apr 09

Plug adapter–check! Snacks for the transAtlantic flight–check! Program for the World Social Marketing Conference downloaded to my laptop–check! In just a few hours I’ll be joining my colleagues in Dublin for the 2nd World Social Marketing Conference. My colleagues have been posting about the great sessions we want to attend and the presentations that Ogilvy […]

Counting Down to WSMC: Eight Days!

Apr 03

Only eight more days until the World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference! Over the past few weeks, our team has posted on a variety of blogs about what to expect. Check out these posts: Engage! Empower! Inspire! on Ogilvy’s Social Marketing ExCHANGE; Follow the 2011 World Social Marketing Conference with Ogilvy on Ogilvy’s Fresh Influence […]

The White House and Facebook Join the Fight to #StopCyberBullying

Mar 11

Browsing through my News Feed on Facebook this week, I was surprised to see a video message from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle about cyberbullying. Intrigued, I clicked on the video to hear the President joke about not “bugging me” for a friend request, but rather bringing attention to the White House Conference […]

Why Google when you can Facebook?

Mar 07

When you’re looking for health information, where do you turn?  Do you make an appointment with your doctor? Ask friends and family?  Consult WebMD? A new survey from the National Research Corporation shows that more and more people are turning to online social networks like Facebook and YouTube for health information.  In fact, 41% of […]

Exciting Social Marketing Career Opportunities at Ogilvy

Feb 01

Ogilvy Washington, headquarters to Ogilvy’s flagship Social Marketing Practice, is looking for social marketing experts at all levels.  For more information, visit

Look Who’s Talking About Health – On Twitter

Jan 27

If you’re brainstorming ideas for new ways to utilize spokespeople or key experts for your social marketing campaign,  look no further than Twitter and consider hosting a Twitter chat. Twitter chats are arranged conversations that happen on Twitter through the use of a hashtag, a word that links tweets together using the # sign, that […]

Overcoming the Hurdle and Joining the Twitter Bandwagon

Nov 29

I don’t tweet.  I don’t Facebook. Frankly, I don’t even feel comfortable using those terms as verbs. Maybe I’m not even supposed to—is it more correct to say I don’t have a Facebook page? Still, when it comes to work, I 100% believe in  — and have seen—the value that social media offers to amplify […]

exCHANGE Review: When It Comes to Social Media, Is Everyone a Potential Partner?

Nov 19

Every few decades, a new communications channel emerges and presents a novel way for us to reach and engage potential partners, and create meaningful change in the lives of our target audiences. On November 16, Ogilvy Washington co-hosted a Social Marketing exCHANGE in conjunction with the Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) at Georgetown University, […]

Mainstream Media Goes Social

Nov 19

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of welcoming Alex Nicholson, social media strategist at USA TODAY, to Ogilvy Washington’s offices to speak about the intersection of mainstream and social media. According to Nielsen, Americans spend 23% of their online time using social media—that’s almost three times more time than they spend on email (8%).  Among […]