Counting Down to WSMC: Eight Days!

Apr 03

Only eight more days until the World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference! Over the past few weeks, our team has posted on a variety of blogs about what to expect. Check out these posts:

Engage! Empower! Inspire! on Ogilvy’s Social Marketing ExCHANGE;

Follow the 2011 World Social Marketing Conference with Ogilvy on Ogilvy’s Fresh Influence blog; and

Women, Families, and the World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference on Ogilvy’s WomenOlogy blog.

We’ll be live-tweeting and blogging from some of the most compelling sessions at the conference.  To join the conversation on April 11 and 12 on Twitter, use the hashtag #ogilvywsm. To follow what is happening throughout the conference, stay tuned here on the Social Marketing ExCHANGE, and be sure to look out for our posts detailing insights and takeaways following the conference on Ogilvy’s Social Marketing ExCHANGE, WomenOlogy , and  Fresh Influence blogs.

To preview a bit about Ogilvy’s presentations, Meg Bartow will be posting here later this week!

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