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Mar 10

The 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference is just one month from tomorrow in Dublin, Ireland. Following the hugely successful first World Conference in Brighton, UK in 2008, the 2nd World conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing , and behavior change methodology to solve key social challenges.

In bringing together the world’s thought leaders in social marketing, behavioral scientists, community activists, and practitioners all under one roof, the conference will allow attendees to share best practices, tested theories, and advocacy initiatives with one another.

Based on the program, which is posted on the World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference Web site, there will be a number of sessions focused on targeting hard-to-reach populations, assorted population sub-groups, and various social marketing theories. Social marketing “hot topics” will include public health messaging on cancer, heart disease, and obesity; environmental citizenship, climate change, and community engagement; safe sex, promotion of contraceptives, and prevention of STD and HIV transmittal; reducing alcohol, smoking, and gambling-related harm; and reducing stigmas for mental illness.

Ogilvy is the conference’s title sponsor, and we will be sure to fill our readers in on happenings, insights, and lessons-learned! If you are interested in attending the conference, there is still space available. Click here to register.

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