Follow Friday: 5 Health Tweeters to Watch

Nov 12

One of the best things about using Twitter is that it fosters engagement with companies/organizations/blogs/media outlets that individuals might not otherwise have the chance to communicate with.  Since it is Follow Friday, let’s take a look at some personal favorite health-related tweeters and a recent tweet from each of them!  This is a completely unscientific list, but I found these tweeters notable in that they tweet valuable/interesting content, retweet and reply to others, and present information that might not be found on their website.

Personal Health

@MissHealth tweets about public health, healthy food, tobacco control, cancer, and many other topics.


@ACSCAN (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network) tweets about cancer advocacy.

Physical Activity

@DailyFitnessTip delivers on its name by pulling a fitness tip every day from other tweeters like @WebMD, @FitnessMagazine and @WeightWatchers.

Public Health

@WHONews tweets important information from the World Health Organization, ranging from flooding in Pakistan to cholera in Haiti.


@LizSzabo tweets about her USA TODAY medical beat, including cancer, children’s health, parenting, and environmental health.

Happy following– who are your favorite health tweeters?

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