Friday Round-Up: What I’ve Been Reading

Apr 22

I’m back for another edition of Friday Round-Up. Sorry for the brief hiatus; we were in full swing conference mode with the World Social Marketing Conference.

  • Using Social Media to Save Women’s Lives. I love that these stories are increasingly being told. The Women’s Refugee Commission launched Mama: Together for Safe Births in Crises. To help health care professionals providing maternal health are in remote, unstable areas of the world, the program uses social media through a Facebook page and SMS program to connect these health care providers with resources and a community to help find solutions and save lives.  Take a read through the actual post, the intricacies of the program are quite interesting.
  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Pharma Social Media Statistics. In what has to be my favorite read this week, Jonathan Richman calls on all of us to look further into research, especially as it related to health and social media, before we tweet, message, blog, etc.  I took his message to heart; this morning when reading a story that was reporting on the opinion of American parents, turns out the survey was completed by quite a small number of parents to have them represent all of the parents in America. So before you click the retweet button, take a further look at the information you’re sharing.  PS. Make sure you read Richman’s post to the end, he teases some data from Pew’s The Social Life of Health Information, which I can’t wait to read through when it’s released later this month. [via Susannah Fox]
  • From Smartphones to a Smarter World: The Impact of Mobile Tech. Raymond Schillinger provides a great write-up of the MobileCitizen Summit this past weekend in DC. The conference is more evidence of what is becoming increasingly clear: mobile is the platform of now it’s just a matter of getting everyone on board. [via Alexandra Bornkessel]
  • CDC Flu App Challenge. Speaking of the increasing power of mobile, CDC has put out a challenge to find innovative uses of technology (mobile, web, etc.) for raising awareness of influenza and/or educate consumers on ways to prevent and treat the flu. The best part: there’s $35,000 up for grabs. [via CDC eHealth]

What have you been reading? Leave a note below or let me know on Twitter.

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