From WSMC: What is Social Marketing 2.0

Apr 12

Today marked the start of the of the 2nd World Non-Profit & Social Marketing Conference.  Matt Escoubas and I had the opportunity to conduct FlipCam interviews with several presenters at the conclusion of their presentations.  We’ll be posting our interviews on the Social Marketing exChange this week; I kick it off below with Dr. Jay Bernhardt on Social Marketing 2.0.

Dr. Jay Bernhardt (@jaybernhardt), Professor and Chair of Health Education and Behavior at the University of Florida, spoke at the opening plenary session on Social Marketing 2.0: the emergence of social marketing 2.0 strategies and the changing paradigm of “place” within the social marketing mix.  According to Dr. Bernhardt, these channels and platforms such as participatory social media and mobile devices allow for increased and sustained reach and have the potential to revolutionize distribution channels by leveraging location and personalization.  In other words, this allows us to put the “Product” it the “Right Place” and the “Right Time” for every customer.  Here’s a quick recap from Dr. Bernhardt:

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One Response to “From WSMC: What is Social Marketing 2.0”

  1. Megan Yarmuth says:

    Great insight! I love the concept of the audience being able to participate directly. Sounds like a great conference so far!