Its Flu Season – You Can Take Action: Get a Flu Shot

Dec 10

Its flu season, in case you didn’t know, but I’m guessing you know since if you’re anything like my family, you’ve been struck with a number of germs and bugs over the past several weeks. Head colds and stomach bugs, unfortunately. But, at least it hasn’t been the flu. All of us – me, my husband, and my son – got our flu shots about a month ago, and I’m so happy that we did if it saved us from another episode with the sick monster, or a prolonged or serious one (not that stomach bugs don’t feel serious enough at the time, but you know what I mean)!

More Americans than ever before are getting their flu shot, but the numbers are still low – less than half of Americans got a flu shot last year. There are several barriers to selecting the flu shot, including fear of needles, potential side effects, and myths that you can get the flu from the flu shot – even though you may be sore or achy after, that’s not actually true. And the flu shot isn’t a guarantee. Flu is a tricky little bugger and mutates so that some flu shots are ineffective in preventing it. Last year it was just higher than 50% effective. But that’s still considered successful by the CDC.

I’ve gone back and forth over the years as to whether or not to receive the shot, but for the last two years, I’ve determined it’s better to air on the side of caution, especially with an infant in the house. While I’ve become a little immune (no pun intended) to all of the warnings about the flu, this year with so much discussion about life-threatening diseases such as Ebola, it peaked my desire even further to protect myself and those that I love from the threats that I can impact, like flu. Did you get your flu shot this year?

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