Miles Young on Marketing in the Modern Age

Apr 18

Following his speech at the World Social Marketing Conference, Ogilvy & Mather CEO adapted his speech for the Huffington Post.  The beginning of the article is copied below; read the full article here.

Company or cause, marketing plays a vital role.

For companies, the marketing discipline helps sell products with the ultimate goal of boosting shareholder value. For causes, social marketing moves people to action for their own good — cajoling consumers to change unhealthy behaviors or to support a particular environmental program, for example.

These two branches of marketing typically have been separate, with mainstream marketing and social marketing keeping polite, if somewhat distant, relations. Some social marketers have felt that they rise above the rough and tumble of the marketplace, dealing instead with grand issues and ideas. Traditional marketers, with their rigid metrics of success and failure and laser focus on showing a return, have viewed social marketing somewhat askance for lacking similar rigor.

Keep reading Miles Young’s thoughts over on the Huffington Post.

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