Ogilvy Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk This Holiday Season

Dec 17

According to noted authority Jeff French’s tips for developing and implementing effective social marketing programs, Ogilvy’s Washington office has organized and conducted a pitch perfect social marketing initiative in recent weeks.  Among other characteristics, the effort:

-Actively engaged individuals and communities (that included competing internal staff teams, as well as other Washington, D.C.-based global public relations agencies);

-Focused on measurable behavioral goals (namely collecting and donating food and goods for needy families in the Washington, D.C. region);

-Harnessed all possible assets, including internal resources as well as external networks of families, friends, and neighbors;

-Used an array of interventions to prompt, support, and bring about changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, while delivering meaningful help to people in need.

Over the past three weeks, the entire Washington office alone has collected and donated nearly two tons of food and personal care items on behalf of the Washington, D.C.-based Capital Area Food Bank and the more than 380,000 people throughout the DC area that it serves.  You too can contribute to their efforts by visiting the Capital Area Food Bank’s website.

The Ogilvy holiday drive included the donation of over 200 boxes of diapers in support of Huggies Every Little Bottom, the first-ever corporate social responsibility program to help moms and babies in diaper need.  Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide worked with Kimberly-Clark and Huggies to develop and launch the program in 2010.  We collected 10,500 diapers, enough to diaper four-to-five babies for a full year!

Ogilvy Washington Drops Off Goods for the Capital Area Food Bank at the Annual "Stuff-a-Truck" Event

As you can see, the effort has left big smiles on the faces of those involved…driving home the satisfaction derived from making a contribution and a difference where and when you can.  Hopefully the effort also will bring smiles to the hundreds of families across the region who are the direct beneficiaries.

Ogilvy Washington’s success adds further proof of the fact that Ogilvy folks both talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to applying their hearts, minds and talents to making the world a better place.

This holiday season—and in the year ahead—why not join us in striving to make a difference each and every day?  Now, that’s a thought that warms the heart on a cold, snowy Washington day.

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