Let the dialogue begin!

Apr 30

Welcome to Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide’s new group blog, SOCIAL MARKETING exCHANGE.

Through the exCHANGE, Ogilvy’s social marketing team hopes to foster a rich discussion among colleagues, clients, practitioners, academicians, policymakers, and others interested in the application of social marketing and behavior change communications to address vital health, social and development issues.

Our perspectives reflect our work as practitioners engaged in the application of marketing principles to the promotion of ideas, issues, and practices.  We are communications professionals who apply these social marketing principles and techniques to raise awareness and influence attitudes; prompt and support personal and community behavior change; and support policy and systems change.

Our work has addressed some of the most important issues of our time, ranging from health, safety, and risk communications to environmental stewardship and community development. Specific areas of focus have included HIV/AIDS, heart disease and stroke, pandemic influenza, global health, nutrition, cancer prevention and treatment, homeland security, emergency preparedness, driving and transportation safety, dating and youth violence, and community conservation.

Our approach is centered in applying both the science and the art of social marketing combined with behavior change communications.  While firmly rooted in applying relevant models, theories, and evidenced-based interventions, our work also embodies a healthy appreciation for audience-based communications that reflect new ideas and promising approaches.

We strive to find new and better answers, to test ideas and exchange perspectives, and, of course, to push the proverbial envelope.  That is our primary reason for starting the exCHANGE.

Please join our search.  Wonder out loud.  Take issue.  Raise questions.  Advance ideas. Share experiences and perspective.  Voice your opinions.  We look forward to the exCHANGE.