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Apr 06

Well, our bags are getting packed and we’re almost ready to go. Ogilvy’s social marketing practice is buzzing with preparations for the 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference set to begin in Dublin this weekend.

It’s not rare to find our folks within the Social Marketing team discussing our latest ideas for engaging parents around healthy activities for their children, making bets about what a new “food pyramid” might look like, or anxiously tracking the latest weather reports to see if the latest storm may affect a community.  But it’s certainly not every day that we have the opportunity to share what we’ve devoted our energies to with others also committed to helping improve the lives of others, so we can learn from them and improve our work and the success of the programs we support.

The 2 ½ day conference is brimming with interesting and relevant topics – it’s difficult for me to choose which ones I will attend. A snapshot of the sessions Ogilvy will be participating in is below. We’ll be sharing case studies about our work to encourage colorectal cancer screenings, and build a women’s movement around heart health, as well as share some new insights we’ve helped uncover around the effectiveness of social media to amplify public health messages and trends in how Americans support causes.

Just this morning, in chatting with my colleague, Natalie Adler, about her session and the conference, we ran through a list of the many topics we’re looking forward to.  Natalie’s particularly looking forward to discussions on behavioral economics, especially in light of the general public’s recent interest in the topic, and how we leverage those theories in developing programs moving forward. We are also very interested to learn what social marketers around the globe are doing to reach and sustain engagement at the local level. 

So many choices – we wish we could extend the conference for a few more days. Let the learning and sharing begin!

Ogilvy Presentations and Panels

Monday, April 11

  • Keynote Session: Soap and Brotherhood: Marketing, Convergence, and Change, Miles Young, CEO Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather
  • Environment Stream Session Chair, Jeff Chertack  
  • Making America FloodSmart: Reducing the Personal and Financial Risk and Impact of Floods in the United States, Meg Bartow
  • Ask Medicare: Reaching and Supporting Family Caregiver, Natalie Adler
  • Social Media as a Second Language: How 2 Strengthen Your MSG, Kristin Parrish, Leo Ryan, Jennifer Wayman, Aileen McGloin
  • Debate: Private/NGO/Public sector partnerships are the new hope, Chair, Jennifer Wayman, Executive Vice President, Social Marketing

Tuesday, April 12

  • Keynote Discussion:  Learning and evidence – what we know we know and how we know it, Chair, Tom Beall – Managing Director, Global Social Marketing Practice
  • Civic Solutions Discussion Chair – Michael Briggs – Executive Vice President, Social Marketing/Strategy & Planning, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  • Using Research to Understand Hard-to-Reach Audiences, Trish Taylor PhD
  • Screen for Life: Prompting Colorectal Cancer Screening in the United States through Building Awareness, Engaging Communities and Leveraging Partners, Jennifer Chu and Michaela K. Thayer,
  • Know Stroke: Know the Signs. Act In Time: A National Awareness Campaign Targeting Underserved and At-Risk Communities Matt Escoubas
  • The Heart Truth®: Building a National Women’s Heart Health Movement, Sarah Temple
  • Dynamics of Cause Engagement, Jennifer Wayman and Denise Keyes
  • Using Social Media to Amplify Public Health Messages, Alexandra Hughes MPS and Trish Taylor PhD

We’ll be live-tweeting and blogging from sessions at the conference – join us on April 11 and 12 on Twitter, using the hashtag #ogilvywsm, and find out more here on the Social Marketing ExCHANGE, WomenOlogy , and  Fresh Influence blogs.

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