Ride or be ridden.

May 31

Control diabetes or let it control you.  That’s a rallying cry for the “Red Riders” who cope with Type I and Type II diabetes and will be participating in the American Diabetes Association’sTour de Curethis weekend on June 3rd.

The group knows all too well the importance of exercise and staying in shape when dealing with this potentially deadly condition. They’re taking to the roads in Virginia with 1,500 other riders –including an Ogilvy Team!—to generate funding for diabetes research, advocacy, and information programs.

Last week, the news on diabetes could not have been more stunning.  A report published in the journal Pediatrics indicated that, in less than a decade, the numbers testing positive for diabetes or pre-diabetes jumped from nine percent to 23 percent of American teens. That’s nearly one in four.

The risks from diabetes are huge—kidney failure, vision loss, amputation, stroke, heart attack, and nerve damage.  It’s a heavy prospect for a person at any age.  But it’s particularly frightening to consider what such a large number of youth are facing so early in their lives.

The situation is one more resounding alarm for embracing a healthy lifestyle.  As a parent, it’s a reminder for me to be a good example to my kids; to get them to eat a vegetable by doing so myself; to lead from the front by dropping the bag of chips and jumping on the bike. Just like those Red Riders.

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