Should the next edition of Theories at a Glance include the Fun Theory?

Jan 27

I just came across this video on my Facebook news feed and watched it over and over again.  

This is an incredible example of making a desirable behavior the more appealing option.  It’s like putting melted cheddar cheese on broccoli to encourage vegetable consumption among children – but bigger!   This effort was developed based on the Fun Theory, which is defined on as “the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.”   Brilliant. Truly brilliant.  We all could use a little more fun.

I challenge you to think about how we can infuse more fun into the behaviors we are promoting.  So, it’s not just promoting benefits and reducing the barriers, but packaging the behaviors with appealing – and fun – elements.  It takes some seriously innovative thinking… check out for additional inspiration.

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One Response to “Should the next edition of Theories at a Glance include the Fun Theory?”

  1. Maria James says:

    Anna – I just love this! The big piano on the stars reminds me of one of my favorite movies “Big” with Tom Hanks. I think you’re right. Studies show that the best way to kick a bad habit is by replacing it with a new one. Why not help people make better decisions by making it fun? This really made me smile. Thanks for sharing!