Social Marketing – A Global Need and Opportunity

May 20

It soon will be announced that Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide will become the title (read: lead) sponsor of The 2nd World Non-Profit & Social Marketing Conference, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, April 11-12, 2011.

The Conference will focus on exploring how strategic communications, marketing and behavior change methodologies can be applied to address vital social issues and challenges. Participants drawn from across the globe will include experts in social marketing, the behavioral sciences, strategic communications, health promotion, community engagement, policy development and advocacy.  Special effort also is being made to attract governmental officials, policy think tanks and charitable organizations.

Ogilvy is honored to be supporting this pioneering conference.  This is especially so at a time when more and more leaders in the public and private sectors across the world are recognizing the benefits of applying social marketing techniques to addressing vital social, health, safety and development issues.   Ogilvy colleagues around our global network are seeing this interest and opportunity unfold in countries and regions ranging from Ireland and the European Union, to Brazil, the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Australia, China and the United States.

Conference organizers are soliciting submissions of proposed papers, presentations, workshops and exhibits until Friday, June 18, 2010. Each different type of presentation has different submission guidelines.  You can review guidelines here.

Please help spread the word about this groundbreaking opportunity to learn and share and to advance the science and the art of applying communications to tackling key social challenges. You can join the conference group on Facebook, and follow conference updates on Twitter and the conference blog.

For full details about the conference, visit

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