Social Marketing Fieldtrip to FOX 5 Evening News

Jul 23

Blogging. Twitter. Facebook. WOM. Widgets.

It’s so true, these words are all “household names” that have become more and more common over the past decade. So what is happening to traditional media? With the ever growing channels of mass communication in the world around us, is there still a place for, say, long-established TV news?

Yes. According to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 68% of people still get their local news from television reports. This is huge. And we can’t ignore it despite the fact that we’re all going digital.

Mason Essif, a media strategist in our social marketing practice here in DC, invited Jenna McIntyre, Alexandra Vaughn, and I to FOX 5 on Monday to watch the FOX 5 evening news filmed live. Laura Evans, host of the evening news gave us a tour of the studio, and talked us all through the process of generating content, and ensuring that viewers are receiving the most applicable, timely, and relevant news available.

Check out the video link below. It’s really interesting to see what is happening “behind the scenes” the broadcasts we all see on TV, especially since we all still need to consider how many Americans are still gathering their news from traditional broadcast media.

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