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Women of Color: Cultivating Change

Sep 18

Diversity, or the lack there of, has become an increasingly popular topic within the communications industry. In today’s multicultural landscape, companies who lack a focus on diversity do not prioritize the success of their organization. How can an industry designed to convey messages to a variety of audiences do so if it lacks diversity in […]

Walking the Fine Line – Fear and Health Communications

Jun 05

I had the opportunity to recently attend the Health Conference at 1776’s Challenge Festival. The first part of my day was spent immersed in panel discussions that featured thought leaders whose end goal is to create a healthier world. The second part of my day was spent sitting on the edge of my seat while […]

Can marketing campaigns impact our hidden biases?

May 18

Embarrassing story: I was chatting with an acquaintance at a holiday party a few years ago. I had heard him talk before about having a family and raising his son, so I asked if his wife was at the party too. His response: (a large chuckle, and…) My husband couldn’t make it tonight.  While I […]