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Cause Consumers—Loving What’s Out There and Wanting More

Sep 23

We see it everywhere.  Yoplait’s commitment  to breast cancer research.  Dasani’s dedication  to water conservation.  Dove’s devotion  to positive self-image.  Every week, I feel like I hear about a new cause initiative.  Brands have increasingly recognized the importance of giving back to their communities, and this has, without a doubt, contributed to a crowded environment of […]

“What Do You Do?”

Aug 11

When you meet someone for the first time (friend of a friend, parent of a friend, someone random on the street who starts talking to you), you are inevitably compelled to make conversation.  Sometimes it’s small talk.  Sometimes it’s more substantial.  But always…always…the question comes up.  “What do you do?” When I first started at […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: From Shareholder Value to Stakeholder Responsibility?

May 17

Review of The Economist’s recent article on stakeholder responsibility and the strategic merits of mapping out the social impact of the value chain.