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The National Prevention Strategy: A Piece of the Recovery Pie?

Jun 17

We, as Americans, find ourselves living in a time of astounding debt– $14.3 trillion to be exact. Many Americans are worried about their own financial future and freedom as well as the fiscal outlook of our country. As the Administration scrambles to find a solution, parties are further divided over the ‘best’ way to help […]

New Challenges and New Opportunities—Healthy People 2020

Dec 07

Healthy People 2020 launched Thursday, December 2 at George Washington University, including a comprehensive, interactive, and very user-friendly site Healthy People 2020 is important to us as social marketers for a number of reasons.  For those of us who work for government clients, these are the numbers by which our success will be measured […]

Health Reform Hits Main Street

Sep 23

Like many others, I breathed a sign of relief when health care reform passed earlier this year. And I must confess I haven’t spent much time trying to make sense of it all.  But now the Kaiser Family Foundation has released a interesting video to help make sense of the new health care reform law.  […]