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Follow Friday: 5 Health Tweeters to Watch

Nov 12

One of the best things about using Twitter is that it fosters engagement with companies/organizations/blogs/media outlets that individuals might not otherwise have the chance to communicate with.  Since it is Follow Friday, let’s take a look at some personal favorite health-related tweeters and a recent tweet from each of them!  This is a completely unscientific […]

Best Practices for Federal Government Challenges and Contests

Nov 09

As the Federal Government increases its use of challenges and contests to engage citizens in problem solving, Federal employees and contractors are seeking guidance on best practices. A briefing I attended yesterday, hosted by the Ad Council, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), and Google, brought together a stellar panel to discuss the topic. The […]

CDC’s Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit

Oct 18

In case you haven’t seen it, last week, CDC launched “The Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit” on their Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice page. This resource is provides a great introduction to social media with tips on how to incorporate social media into programs. I really liked the addition of CDC’s Top […]

The Push-Me Pull-You of Social Media

Aug 24

Last week, I attended CDC’s National Health Communication, Marketing, and Media conference in Atlanta. And whether you call it new media, social media, or Web 2.0—the new tactics available online and via mobile devices took center stage at the conference. The presentation, “Social Marketing and the Uses of Social Media: Cases from the American Red […]

Today is Worldwide Social Media Day!

Jun 30

There is an official day for nearly anything you can think of…Talk like a pirate day, Rice pudding day, you name it. Today, Mashable has added one more to that list. Worldwide Social Media Day! Throughout the world today, in an eye-popping 90+ different countries, Mashable is organizing Meetups to celebrate the social media revolution […]

Cases in Public Health Communication & Marketing

May 05

The George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services publishes peer-reviewed case studies from the fields of public health communication and social marketing at  One of the newest entries, “Using Social Media to Reach Women with The Heart Truth® – 2009 Update,” provides an overview of how social media has been employed […]