The “Social Media Doctor is In” at DHCX

Feb 06

Several members of the Ogilvy Washington team, including myself, will be heading down to Orlando next week for the Digital Health Communication Extravaganza (DHCX). We are so excited to interact with other digital health practitioners and swap best practices for using digital tools to enact behavior change.

As part of our efforts to exchange ideas and expertise, we’re sponsoring free social media consulting at our booth in the exhibit hall.  We’re calling it “Social Media Doctor is In”.   You can sign up for a free 15 minutes of social media consulting from leading Digital Strategists at Ogilvy Washington.  We’ll be providing the consulting at the Ogilvy booth in the exhibit hall.  Sign up for an appointment at and then simply swing by our booth during your appointed time.  We scheduled all our appointments during networking breaks, lunch and other free sessions at DHCX so you won’t be missing any of the great speakers and will get some one on one time with us.  I sincerely hope to see you there and that we can help you with your digital communication problem or question.

In additional to “Social Media Doctor is In”,  Ogilvy is a sponsor of the conference and has a great line up of presenters.  Rohit Bhargava will be presenting “The Past, Present, and Future Of Healthcare In 12 Inspired Tweets” in a plenary session on Friday.  Dana Allen-Greil will be presenting a poster titled ” Using Social Media to Reach and Motivate Women to Address Risk Factors for Heart Disease”.   Alex Hughes will be also be presenting a poster titled “Using Social Media Platforms to Amplify Public Health Messages”.   We hope that you will stop by these sessions and say hello to us.

What are you looking forward to most at DHCX?

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One Response to “The “Social Media Doctor is In” at DHCX”

  1. Jean-Sebastien Roy says:

    I cannot attend the DHC conference, but the 3 presentations your team is doing looks very interesting. Does the slides or examples can be available after presentation ?