Utilizing Digital Channels to Reach Those “‘80s Babies”

Feb 07

No matter what we call them, we are reaching out to them more and more, especially in social media. Who are they? What are they doing online? What is the best way to reach them?

Utilizing Digital Channels to Reach Those “‘80s Babies”

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One Response to “Utilizing Digital Channels to Reach Those “‘80s Babies””

  1. Claudia Menashe says:

    Great re-cap of the event Farha and Debra. Related to your discussion about the Bedsider campaign, I was particularly impressed with the campaign team’s ability to step away from the usual messages about birth control use and adherence, and think out of the box when it came to targeting millennial women. Recognizing that knowledge doesn’t always equal behavior, the team, as you mentioned, set out to rebrand birth control. Knowing that their target audience did not want an unplanned pregnancy, they attempted to address the disconnect between the desire to avoid getting pregnant and the actual behavior (unprotected sex). The team took a hard look at what they considered to be their completion (fun, sex, youthful abandonment) and developed the Bedsider campaign with that lens, which I believe resulted in new and different ways to promote birth control to millennial women and support them in their use of it. Thanks again for your thoughtful post about and summary of the recent MobiHealth event.