Will You Be My Valentine? Only If You Wash Your Hands

Feb 16

Valentine’s Day is over – as shown by the discounted boxes of candy, wilting flowers, and picked-over rows of red greeting cards. What’s not quite finished is the flu season.

I recently came across a Valentine’s Day-themed e-card from the American Public Health Association. The text reads: “I wanna hold your hand. But only after you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, scrub vigorously, and remember to clean the tops of your hands and under your nails. And don’t forget to rinse off the soap and dry your hands well. But THEN. Then I wanna hold your hand.”

What a clever, timely, and shareable asset that gets the message across about the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of influenza. Keeping audiences engaged and amused is important in communications – particularly because annual messages of “wash your hands” can become redundant and easily ignored.

APHA’s Get Ready campaign features other witty e-cards, including emergency preparedness.

Which of these is your favorite? Would you actually share these with a friend through social media or email? Do you see an opportunity to communicate about other topics through similar e-cards?

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